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Award-winning security
beyond the scope
of a Firewall

The honeyBox®, which has previously been awarded the Bavarian Prize for IT Security (Bayerischer Sicherheitspreis), is a hardware solution for the most advanced security requirements that extends beyond firewalls.

Cost saving with easy handling and immediate operational readiness

With the honeyBox®®, secXtreme GmbH offers a low-cost solution that does not have any specific requirements. Its straightforward integration and limited operating costs mean that no changes to the network infrastructure are required on its start-up.

All-in-one solution which enables the sustained detection of cyber attacks

With the honeyBox®®, an all-in-one solution that is based on honeypot technology, the sustained detection of cyber attacks in internal networks is possible. A high quality alarm also enables efficient use by non-professionals.

honeyBox® industrial Generation 2

Operating principle

honeyBox® universal Generation 1

Operating principle

honeyBox® enterprise Generation 2

Operating principle

Awards and dates

In 2009, the honeyBox® was awarded the Bavarian Prize for IT Security In 2009 and 2010, it received top ratings in the “Initiative Mittelstand” Innovation Prize, and was awarded the BEST-OF certificate in 2013 and 2014.