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Expertise at every level

The company secXtreme GmbH, which was founded in 2004, is a German company which specialises in the development of security solutions and consulting services in the field of IT security.

The honeyBox® – an appliance made by IT security experts

secXtreme has developed the honeyBox®, the innovative solution for the detection of cyber attacks - especially in industrial networks. In 2009, the honeyBox® was awarded the Bavarian Prize for IT Security. In 2009 and 2010, it received top ratings in the Innovation Prize, and was awarded the BEST OF certificate in 2013 and 2014. This solution is used by many customers, where it has proven its worth.


An overview of our services for you

  • Detection IDS/IPS, honeypots, netflow

  • Reaction: network and computer forensics, organisation

  • Audits and penetration tests: Applications, internet, intranet, dial-up connections

  • Specialist solutions: High-level security tests, hardening, specialist software solutions

  • Training sessions and workshops: Application security, hacking

We will be pleased to assist you if you have any questions!

History of company publications and presentations

Publications and presentations over the course of the past five years

Here is a selection of publications and presentations to have been compiled by and completed by secXtreme in the past, both at secXtreme and at former contractors:

  • "IT Forensics", 01.07.2011, Furtwangen University, presentation on the topic of IT and Computer Networking as part of the graduation day event (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Office network attacks reached industrial networks and embedded systems - Challenges and countermeasures against Stuxnet and its successors", 08.04.2011, BICCNet Innovation Forum Embedded Systems 2011, Munich (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Air supremacy in your home network with virtual honeypots from secXtreme", 19.10.2010, it-sa 2010, presentation at the “Forum Blau” (Christian Scheucher) [presentation slides]
  • "IT with a "migratory background", 20.10.2010, it-sa 2010, presentation at the “Forum Blau” (Andreas Miller) [presentation slides]
  • "IT Forensics" guest presentation at the University of Regensburg, 24.11.09, as part of the master's degree course in Information Systems (Christian Scheucher)
  • "IT Forensics" presentation at the Network Security Forum of the IT Incubator for Eastern Bavaria in Regensburg, 01.07.09 (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Power Shopping, hackers go shopping - the risks of web shops", 24.10.2007, Systems 2007, presentation at the “Forum Blau” (Christian Scheucher) [presentation slides]
  • "From the cradle to the grave", live hacking, SYSTEMS 2006 (Andreas Miller and Christian Scheucher)
  • "Web shop security", radio interview on the science and technology show, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Radio Bavaria) (Christian Scheucher)
  • 6. CERT-AG meeting, St. Leon-Rot "Creating boot CDs with Solaris" (Christian Scheucher)
  • SYSTEMS 2005 presentation "Risk analysis at ultra-critical systems - threat modelling" (Christian Scheucher)
  • "From the cradle to the grave", SYSTEMS 2005, live hacking together with TÜViT (Christian Scheucher) [presentation slides]
  • "Detecting cyber attacks with honeypots and honeynets", F.J.-Lang IT days event, 2005 (Christian Scheucher)
  • IIR IT Revision Master-class, Frankfurt, together with the TÜViT (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Detecting cyber attacks with honeypots and honeynets", IT symposium 2005 HP and DECUS, Düsseldorf,  (Christian Scheucher) [presentation slides]
  • "Mobile security", podium discussion, SYSTEMS 2004 (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Detecting cyber attacks with honeypots and honeynets", IT symposium 2004 HP and DECUS, Bonn (Christian Scheucher, at that time: Christian Scheucher Information Security) [presentation slides]
  • "Honeypots and honeynets: the new hype", Systems 2003, presentation at the Security Forum (Christian Scheucher)
  • Security Days event with BMW, BVSW and T-Systems, October 2002; presentations and live demos on the topics of hacking WLAN, Trojans and war dialling (Andreas Miller and Christian Scheucher)
  • on the topics of hacking WLAN, Trojans and war dialling (Andreas Miller and Christian Scheucher) "Honeypots and honeynets - a new way to protect critical infrastructure?", presentation at the Conference for Network and Computer Security, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, 08.10.2003 (Christian Scheucher) [Conference Programme]
  • Presentations on the topic of war dialling and live hacking of firewalls and WLANs,  CeBIT 2003 (Andreas Miller and Christian Scheucher)
  • Presentation at Computer Associates, Mannheim (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Security risks in telecommunications systems", podium discussion, exponet 2002, Cologne, management forum, on the invitation of Computerwoche magazine (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Risks of dial-up networks", presentation on IT security at the Systems Forum, 2002, (Christian Scheucher)
  • "Security from a different angle" - podium discussion IXOS, May 2002, Munich (Christian Scheucher)
  • NTV special at the CeBIT 2002, security risks of wireless LANs, contribution to TV show (Christian Scheucher)
  • CeBIT 2002, presentations on war dialling and live hacking (Andreas Miller and Christian Scheucher)
  • "Saving data: the last straw" in COMPUTERWOCHE magazine no. 22 dating from 31.05.2002, article by Christian Scheucher [to article >>]
  • "Security risks in telecommunications systems" COMPUTERWOCHE no. 18 dating from 03.05.2002, article by Christian Scheucher
  • Forensics, Computerwoche magazine, article by Christian Scheucher
  • "Disposing of sensitive data without trace" COMPUTERWOCHE no. 17 dating from 26.04.2002, article by Christian Scheucher
  • "Telecommunications security: when the hacker rings twice" in “Computerwoche” magazine: special report on IT security, dating from 02.05.2002, article by Christian Scheucher [to article >>]