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Data protection

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Secure your critical points with intrusion prevention systems (IPS/IPS).

IPS systems are used at exposed locations in networks to both raise alarms like an IDS and to protect networks automatically against hackers. These can be firewalls with integrated IPS or high performance systems in the heart of the network. In the case of encrypted traffic (e.g. SSL), additional measures are necessary in order to interrupt the encryption before the IDS/IPS and to encrypt it again so that it is usable following the checking of the data traffic.

In addition to the network sensors, the host-based systems are also of decisive importance in complex infrastructures. It is not possible to cover all of the segments with honeypots and IDS/IPS systems. This is where host-based systems are used. In this respect, we work closely with a variety of different manufacturers so that we can develop the appropriate solution for you.