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Company profile

The specialists for information security

The company secXtreme GmbH is a German company which specialises in the development of security solutions and consulting services in the field of IT security. The core competencies of the company include the detection of cyber attacks, responding to them, resolving them, and carrying out IT security tests, including at contractors in the areas of critical infrastructure and the governmental sector.

You can expect to benefit from the following advantages:

  • We complete manual checks. Experience has shown that with the appropriate know-how, manual checks deliver results that are more reliable in a shorter period of time. Security scanners are only used for the purpose of quality control.
  • Our employees have also completed sophisticated penetration projects during their professional careers (>= 100,000 Euros) and are able to handle projects of this scale.
  • Every auditor has practical experience of software development and is aware of the typical program errors.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of the high-frequency field. This enables us to carry out high-detail checks to wireless LANs.
  • We have very in-depth know-how of this area through the development of a variety of tools for the checking of dial-up access systems (war dialler hybrid analog/digital, CAPI ISDN scanner, ISDN D-channel analyzer).
  • X.25 is not a foreign concept to us - we have practical experience in the planning, development, operation and checking of networks of this kind.

Our award-winning appliance

secXtreme has developed the honeyBox®, the innovative solution for the detection of cyber attacks - especially in industrial networks. In 2009, the honeyBox® was awarded the Bavarian Prize for IT Security. In 2009 and 2010, it received top ratings in the Innovation Prize, and was awarded the BEST OF certificate in 2013 and 2014. This solution is used by many customers, where it has proven its worth.

Our range of services

The consulting services encompass the areas of the detection and tracking of cyber attacks, (web) application security, audits and penetration tests.


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