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Data protection

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More control over your network with security

With the honeyBox®, which is based on honeypot technology, security risks can be kept under sustained control. Most protective mechanisms in the network are active, which means that they actively respond to attacks or attempt to prevent malpractice.

The honeyBox® works according to a straightforward principle, in which a large amount of bait is laid out in several network segments which is invisible to hackers.

In contrast to active devices, the honeyBox® scans the network traffic in the background along the same lines as a smoke detector. Honeypots are an invitation to hackers to engage with them, and therefore give administrators enough time to detect and repel attacks.

The honeyBox® is adapted to the circumstances of your network, whether it is an office or industrial environment.

The different products on offer in the honeyBox® range have been designed in order to fulfil the various network requirements. The honeyBox® industrial, for example, is suitable for use in industrial control networks.